Why are printed pond liners better than plain pond liners?

Printed pond liners make it easy to install the pond of your dreams because they're already decorated. Ever look at most backyard ponds? The bottom is usually COVERED in everything from pebbles to big pieces of slate. Why? Most pond owners need to lift heavy rocks, or buy tons of expensive plants so that their pond looks natural and their plain, black liner below the water isn't visible.

Designer Pond Liners is different because our liners are printed. We cover our premium, thick liners with beautiful and natural designs so they blend seamlessly into your pond - no rock lifting needed!

What size liner is right for my pond?

You can always email us at One of our experts will contact you within 24 hours to make sure we get you the correct printed liner size. We also can set up a phone call with you or answer your question via e-mail.

You can also use this handy-dandy equation if you prefer to calculate yourself!

Liner Length: (Pond Length) + (Pond Depth x 2) + 1 foot for overage

Liner Width: (Pond Width) + (Pond Depth x 2) + 1 foot for overage

For example: My pond is 6 FT (L) x 3 FT (W) x 1 FT (D), so I'd do the following calculation to figure out what size liner I need!

Liner Length: (6 FT) + (1 FT x 2) + 1 foot for overage = 9 FT

Liner Width: (3 FT) + (1 FT x 2) + 1 foot for overage = 6 FT

So I would need a liner that is about 9 FT x 6 FT or a SMALL Designer Pond Liner

Do you make custom pond liner sizes?

Yes! Please email and we'll make you the perfect sized liner for your backyard pond oasis. 

Are your printed pond liners flexible?

Extremely! Our liners are the perfect mix of flexible and tough. Easily fold, crease, or pleat them into the perfect shape for your pond. 

Can I put a Designer Pond Liner on top of an existing pond liner?

Yes you can. If you're remodeling or repairing an existing pond, you can easily place one of our printed liners over your current pond liner. Just make sure the surface of the old liner is free of rocks and other sharp objects before placing your Designer Pond Liner.

Can I put a Designer Pond Liner on top of a pre-fabricated or preformed (pre-formed) pond shell?

Absolutely! Our printed pond liners make prefab ponds look natural and beautiful. Better yet, they eliminate the need to place heavy rock or expensive plants in and around the pond disguise the shell.