How do I create a natural looking pond?

"I want to build a pond in my backyard that looks really fake!" ... said no one ever. 

There is nothing worse than working hard to build your backyard pond oasis - only to have it look like you plopped a big ole bucket of water into a hole in your yard. 

Here are some fool-proof tips for building a natural looking pond!

#1: Select a pond location so it fits well into existing landscape and vegetation. Consider an area in or around mulched beds, beside a mature tree, or against a rustic stone wall. 

#2: Ensure your pond shape is organic, and not perfectly symmetrical. Free form shapes or rounded rectangles with small lagoon-like offshoots are excellent options. 

#3: Select a printed pond liner that matches not only your backyard aesthetic but also the soil local to you. For areas with sandier soils, we recommend Playing Koi. If you’re in the Northeast, we recommend a darker printed pond liner like Black Reef or Sundance. 

#4: If you’ve selected a printed pond liner there is no need to buy tons of pebbles and stones to decorate it. Simply install your printed pond liner, and surround the edges with aquatic loving plants. We love water hyacinths, taro pond plants, and mosaic plants. 

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